Our Mission

We developed Sikh Sur Sangeet with the mission of providing you, the Sangat, a unified platform where you can learn gurbani kirtan in a very progressive way.  Today you will find a lot of gurbani kirtan video tutorials on channels like YouTube but there you have to compromise with the quality of the videos, the speed of the tutorial and you have different teachers and click here and there; which obviously waste lots of your time. 

We keep these points in the mind when we present this platform to you. Sikh Sur Sangeet provides you:

  •  A single platform for learning and improving your kirtan skills
  • High quality video tutorials
  • Step by Step learning
  • Voice scale videos for Male, Female and Children
  • Offer also one to one private sessions online
  • Learn Gurbani kirtan online anywhere and anytime all around the world

Our story

Sikh Sur Sangeet is the first ever online platform where you can professionally learn how to play sikh musical instruments e.g. Harmonium, and how to improve your voice and singing. We offer you plenty of free and paid courses with extreme HD video tutorials. 

And you have many options on how to learn based on your level of knowledge and practice e.g. beginner, intermediate & advanced levels, Gurbani Raagas and many more.

We offer you a connected platform where you can register yourself free of cost. You can join different courses, track how far you are to complete the course, how many courses you are enrolled in, you can chat with other students in the same course, you can discuss with your music instructor live and many more things. You will learn Gurbani Kirtan Online like never before.

Video Tutorials

We found out that students learn more quickly from the videos than the text books or text lessons. And our aim is to provide you full HD clear, fast, device friendly Gurbani Kirtan videos so that you can learn efficiently and quickly. We provide you best ever online learning experience that give you the chance to learn Gurbani Kirtan Online on Harmonium like never before.

Paid Membership

We offer different levels of membership to access the various courses in the website. We are very professional and use very professional equipments like laptop, screen, camera, microphones etc. to record videos and upload them on website for you. This all costs money, time and efforts. To cover up these costs, we offer the paid membership. The money we save as profit, will be invested in website development, mobile app development and to offer you more clearer videos. And we promise you that your investment will not go like that, whatever you pay you will get more than that.

Read our Blog for more updates on Learning Gurbani Kirtan Online and the articles on it. We will add more articles soon.
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